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1. What is Financial Clarity?
What is Financial-Clarity?

Financial Clarity is a suite of revenue-driving business intelligence tools which have been developed exclusively for the UK financial services industry.

It features 3 component parts:

  • A secure data hub containing aggregated market sales data from financial product providers and platforms in the UK.
  • MFID - UK’s most comprehensive Financial Intermediary database with up-to-the-minute market intelligence at individual outlet and contact level.
  • A web-based interface which provides easy access to the analysis of your own sales, the aggregated market sale Intelligence through dashboards and MFID. The dashboards can be accessed at varying levels of detail to suit the requirements and role of the user.

2. What benefits does Financial Clarity deliver?
What benefits does Financial-Clarity deliver?
What benefits does Financial-Clarity deliver?

Financial Clarity’s intelligence tools will help anyone in your organisation shape revenue-driving sales, marketing and operational strategies at the level appropriate to their role. The information is uniquely generated for every participating company based on how their own individual sales landscape fits into the overall market.

In simple terms, how does it work?

Benchmarking lies at the heart of the product. Financial Clarity allows you to benchmark your own company sales data against the market by any chosen variable, be it time, asset class, region, rate of growth or otherwise. By comparing your own performance against the market you are able to devise strategies to exploit weaknesses and further develop your own strengths.

Visibility is what gives real power to the product. Financial Clarity contains detailed information of sales at individual outlet level, which allows users to identify their best customers, prospects and biggest threats. Whole sales and marketing strategies can be developed as a result, ensuring that marketing and sales initiatives are directed towards your most profitable prospects.

Immediacy is what differentiates the product. Financial Clarity is powered by monthly data feeds from UK financial companies which are published as part of the market data within a week of receipt. This allows users to gain up-to-date information to ensure their corporate strategies are on target.

Accessibility is what makes the product easy to implement within your organisation. Financial Clarity offers flexible web-based dashboards of your up-to-date sales figures. You can drill into the graphical data to extract exactly what you need to know about your sales and marketing efforts.

3. How can it help me sell more product?
What is Financial-Clarity?

The kind of business intelligence we put at your fingertips helps you make the most of your existing sales infrastructure, enabling you to identify those intermediaries who should or could be selling more of your product, based on the current and historical market landscape. Imagine if you could:

  • Ascertain the transaction value of every asset class sold in every region for a time period of your choice.
  • Obtain secure online access to this information within one week of the end of the sales period.
  • Arrange your own bespoke sales dashboards to alert you to your key sales and operational targets.
  • Identify the fastest growing IFA firms by gross sales revenue and track your own changing sales share within those selected firms.

4. Why would we want to put our sensitive sales data into a marketing aggregation tool?
What is Financial-Clarity?

Practically everyone already submits their sales data to some kind of market benchmarking product. However, only Financial Clarity allows you to investigate sales at outlet level.

By anonymising the rest of the market data against which you can benchmark your performance, everyone’s sales data is protected, whilst the overall size of the market – and the numerous sales opportunities it creates - is demonstrated.

5. How is Financial Clarity better than any other marketing benchmarking tool?
What is Financial-Clarity?

Financial Clarity gives you the bigger picture and all of the intelligence behind the market movements, allowing you to make the right strategic decisions to grow your business. We offer a world first in providing this information at outlet level and through secure online dashboards that automatically update with the latest monthly market stats.

We also include all of the contact information contained in our proprietary intermediary database, which we’ve been developing for the last 25 years. It is the UK’s only complete database of all registered individuals at their place of work.

Key features of Financial Clarity

Financial Clarity has been designed to be as flexible as possible, allowing your organization to get the most out of the analytical capabilities of the product in a number of convenient ways. We start with the quickest and simplest way to access your data - in a web-based environment which allows you to make sales dashboards of the key trends for use in internal presentations. However, our solutions are much broader than this, permitting everything from a straight feed of data into your existing business intelligence systems, through to the bespoke design and implementation of a new CRM system for your organisation. We will work with you to identify the most appropriate delivery mechanism to ensure you gain the maximum benefit of the intelligence, based on your existing structure.

A simple and secure web-based platform - our standard delivery mechanism.

This is our most popular option because it offers a user-friendly interface which sits directly on top of the live data feeds, works in your web browser and requires no extra software or set-up. The dashboards let you build information month-by-month, which shows you how the entire sales landscape affecting your product is evolving. It delivers extremely valuable results, and can be used by anyone within your organisation. What's more, no IT support or implementation is required, because Financial Clarity works through your existing browser.

Key Customers and Targets
Key Customers and Targets

Knowing where to focus your limited time and resources is crucial to maximising performance. The Key Customers and Targets dashboard identifies those intermediaries that should be given your attention. The dashboard not only identifies your largest accounts and the largest intermediaries in the market, but it can also identify those intermediaries that offer the most potential for growth by highlighting intermediaries that are growing quickest, or where your share of their sales is currently below average.

These charts are interactive so that you can identify different accounts for different products or sales regions, and you can set minimum/maximum revenue ranges to ensure that the intermediaries' growth rates/market share are relevant. Having identified your focal accounts, additional information can be extracted by visiting their Account Analysis page.

Account Analysis
Account Analysis

By understanding your intermediaries better, you can provide them with the right assistance to grow their (and your) sales. For an in-depth view of your intermediaries' details and what they are selling, the Account Analysis page provides your sales team with all the information they need to know. Shown at outlet level, or aggregated to firm level, the Account analysis page shows both your and the wider market's sales though a specific intermediary broken down by product.

Also provided are charts showing the intermediary's growth relative to the market, your share of their sales, and their importance to you. These benchmarks can be restricted to specific products should that be a focus of a specific campaign, or should the intermediary specialise. The Account Analysis tab can also provide other data collected by Matrix Solutions about firms and their outlets, including regulatory information and individual contact details.

Sales Team Performance
Sales Team Performance

Providing an at-a-glance view of who's pulling in the sales and how they compare against others, the Sales Performance dashboard is simple to use and is updated regularly with the latest figures. By being automatically generated as part of a wider web-based management information system, these charts are efficiently produced, available at all times and locations, and are consistent with other key performance indicators.

Profiling and Lead Generation
Profiling and Lead Generation

Profile your intermediaries to get a clearer picture of your sales channel as a whole. Are you reaching out to the independents? Is there a regional bias? The Profiling dashboard has a wide variety of profiling variables that can help you identify segments of your sales channel that you can then target precisely with a marketing campaign that talks to them.

You can even generate the contact list directly from Financial Clarity using the Profiling or Lead Generation tabs. You can target specific roles within an intermediary (either by controlled function or job title) and generate a contact list with their email addresses, telephone numbers and mailing addresses.

Corporate Performance
Corporate Performance

The Corporate Performance dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of the state of play of your sales. You can see this view at aggregate level, or broken down into views of specific products, intermediary types, or mapped to your own sales regions.

The charts on the dashboard show Sales over time, Sales growth relative to the market, Changes in market share and how your sales mix differs from the sales mix across the market as a whole - where you are strong, and where you are not. The charts are fully flexible so you are able to change any of the views to suit your analytical or reporting needs. For example, the switch viewing sales per quarter to per year is a single click of a button, and it's easy to drill down into specific areas, or even exclude sales if needed to provide a clearer picture.

Market Analysis
Market Analysis

The Market Analysis dashboard allows you to look at the performance and breakdown of the entire market, enabling you to identify and react to any significant changes that are occurring. For example, fast growing or declining products can be identified. Or changes in industry structure as a result of new regulation can be seen.

Market sales figures can be viewed by any combination of product, intermediary type and geographic region, and you can also see the competitive landscape with a view of everyone's market share.

Product Analysis
Product Analysis

The Product Analysis dashboard looks at own sales and is designed for product managers. Rather than taking a higher-level view to enable market comparison, specific products can be selected for analysis or to identify customers for that product. The company’s overall product portfolio can also be analysed for areas of further investment or possible withdrawal. As with other dashboards, product sales figures can be viewed by any combination of product, intermediary type etc.

Other ways to access the data
1. Custom Data Feed
Custom Data Feed

If your organisation has a separate market intelligence or statistical analysis unit, you may benefit from taking the data feed straight into your own systems. We can supply this data just as easily into statistically-orientated intelligence software such as SAS, SPSS and Hyperion as we can into business analysis packages such as Business Objects, Cognos or Information Builders. The advantage of this is that they’ll already have the technical know-how necessary to optimise the data that we offer and can build this into their data audits and recommendations for you. We’ll always be on hand to offer support and guidance if they are needed.

2. Advanced Analysis Package
Advanced Analysis Package

While the web-based dashboards allow easy interrogation of your sales figures we are also able to offer a more advanced marketing-orientated statistical analysis system called FastStats. We will offer users of this product a secure login and guidance on how to use the analytical capabilities of the product to maximum effect. Key features of FastStats include programmes which can help you to identify your most likely profitable prospects, based on their statistical resemblance to your existing customers. You can also plan and execute marketing campaigns that will achieve the maximum response rates and overall profitability based on proven and well respected statistical modelling techniques.

3. Bespoke CRM Solution
Bespoke CRM Solution

As a preferred consulting partner with, we have qualified personnel on our team at Matrix who can diagnose your current CRM system problems and develop a solution that will improve your overall business practices. We can deploy the aggregated market sales data alongside the intelligence we hold in our Intermediary database into a brand new CRM system that takes all of your existing data and presents it in the way which will most benefit you as an organisation.

What to do next

1. Apply for a login to our website.

2. Begin supplying your sales data through our secure data delivery service.

3. Attend a training workshop to get the most out of your data in the system.

4. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Client Feedback

"In the past we have been sceptical about market data aggregators but we are now convinced that Financial Clarity will give us the edge we need to continue growing our market leading position. We look forward to using the transactional data available and profiling a range of new suitable adviser clients that suit our platform.

Financial Clarity delivers clear and up-to-date dashboards of the key sales data my team require, to ensure that we generate continued and sustained growth into 2011 and beyond”.

Glen Sweet
Head of Sales at Transact


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What is Financial-Clarity?