PRODUCT FEATURES - Financial Clarity CRM Solutions
These days, it’s all about The Cloud.

These days, more and more companies are reducing their financial outlay on expensive IT infrastructures by moving to cloud-based CRM, database and web servers. They let the experts handle their data management and simply rent the space they need safe in the knowledge that as demand increases the resource will be there to ensure that their web visitors experience fast access. Similarly they benefit from the avoidance of costly downtime from their CRM system and can be reassured by the continual backing up of their databases in a secure environment.

The rise in demand for cloud-based systems has been so strong over the past 18 months that have invested in becoming an accredited consulting partner with This means that we have expertise in implementing new Salesforce CRM systems for our clients, allowing us to merge together a range of disparate data sources to give you a single view of your clients that suits the way you work as a company.

However, we weren’t just content to implement bespoke CRM systems for our clients. We also wanted to create a plug-in application for which harnesses the power of Financial-Clarity and allows our clients to download the intelligence into their existing Contact data pages.

Last year we introduced the plug-in Application to a wide audience of CRM, Insight, Data and IT teams from over 40 Financial Institutions across the UK. We held a joint breakfast briefing with and unveiled the product to 60 delegates.

This year we’ve produced a new product overview factsheet which sets out our wide range of CRM services, from adding bespoke data feeds to your existing CRM system right through to a bespoke CRM build. If you’d like more information about any of these services please click on the image above or the link below.

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